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Friday Favorites: Etsy Edition

Finding pieces as unique as you for your home + life from makers right

here in the United States! Now more than ever small businesses need our help + support. Shop local, shop small, + support those dreams!


State + Meant

by Kiley Baker State + Meant is an art series of state collages comprised of vintage postcards. These postcards are hand-selected from antique stores found across the country, scanned, and assembled into a collage of staple places found from the state of which they represent.

"I was no stranger to the grueling 9 hour college-commute from my Baltimore hometown to Cincinnati, so one day I decided to stop at an antique store in West Virginia to split up the monotony of the drive. I scored the jackpot on about 30 old linen Cincinnati postcards that I instantly fell in love with, but had no game plan for. I only knew that I wanted to create art with them as a way to nostalgically look back on my college city. Building the concept for State+Meant took me approximately two years from this date, but my sole purpose for this project was to capture the feeling of being home. Home is a shapeshifting concept. What better way to honor the novelty of places that so many call home than through postcards? They are the bridge between homes and hearts, and these maps act as a reminder that no matter where you are, you are to embrace the state in which you’re meant to be in."

Follow State + Meant on Instagram and shop on her Etsy Shop here!

HB Lettering Co.

by Hannah Bickford

HB Lettering Co. offers a variety of custom, hand-lettered products such as stickers, prints, journals, and ornaments. Local customers can also order custom wedding signs!

“When I started college almost 2 years ago I had no time for a job in the workplace but, I really wanted some business experience. That is what prompted me to open my shop. I love being an Etsy maker because I have full control over my schedule and the products I choose to sell. I still can’t believe people from all over the country buy my products!  No two people have the same handwriting so I love that I have a unique talent to share with others! I hope I can be an influence to other young makers who have big dreams!”

Follow HB Lettering Co on Instagram and shop on her Etsy Shop here!

Wit & Wonder Co.

by Haley Helbling

"Hi! I’m Haley from Wit & Wonder Co and I’m a jewelry maker!  It wasn’t long ago I started on this journey but I’ve been hooked ever since! Most of my hand stamped pieces feature people, places, and things from books and films that we all know and love! I’m a firm believer in the power of a good story and I hope my quirky jewelry brings a smile to your face!"

Follow Wit & Wonder Co. on Instagram and shop on her Etsy Shop here!

Cups, Crafts and Moore

by Samantha Moore

Cups Crafts And Moore creates a wide variety of customized home decor, shirts, and tumblers.

“I’ve always loved crafting and getting so proud of what I created. Once I started getting people asking for me to make them things I decided to start a small business. Nothing is more exciting than starting a new project.  I love nothing more than making my customers happy! Each order helps make it possible for me to be a stay at home mama to my beautiful little girl!”

Follow Cups, Crafts and Moore on Instagram and DM her to place an order!

In His Name Co.

by Emma Rae

My Etsy shop features hand painted bibles & journals, custom digital art, & faith based apparel and I love that it’s connected me to many people from all over the world.

I absolutely love creating unique pieces of artwork whether it be a special memory painted on a bible or a family portrait in digital form. I love using my God given talents to create In His Name & feel blessed to do what I love every day and connect with amazing people as my shop flourishes.

Follow In His Name Co. on Instagram and shop on her Etsy Shop here!

Mars. Bars. Art

by Maria Ahmad

I’m the owner of MarsBarsArt, a small Etsy gift shop. I like to make unique gifts.

Unlike many shops on Etsy, I make various kinds of things, like decoupaged magnets, origami jewelry, melted crayon paintings, and am starting to create decoupaged boxes, tote bags, and masquerade masks. I make and sell whatever I feel like, and don’t like to confine myself to creating just one type of item. I am always experimenting and trying new kinds of arts and crafts. I love Etsy because it is simple to use and most of my buying and selling experiences on it were positive.

Follow Mars. Bars. Art on Instagram and shop on her Etsy Shop here!

Simply Skin by Tori

by Tori McDonald

Simply Skin by Tori offers personalized non-invasive skincare treatments to revise the function and structure of the skin. With the use of DMK products, I am able to help various skin conditions. My goal is to help every client look and feel as beautiful as they already are.

Follow Simply Skin by Tori on Instagram and visit her website here!


These are just a few of some amazing small shops across the country!

Find more on Etsy / Instagram / Facebook and even Pinterest.

Absolutely love featuring makers + small businesses just like us! Let me know what

you think and which shop is your favorite in the comments.

Thank you for supporting small businesses!

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