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Cozy Home Decor From Amazon

It is that time of year where I am ready to decorate for my favorite season: Fall. This blog post is all about creating that cozy feeling we get from fall all year long and on a budget!



One of my tricks for reusing the pillows you have is buying inexpensive pillow covers to go over them. Not only does this change the look but saves you from buying another pillow and filling up your hall closet. Even though it is a pillow cover does not mean you have to lose anything on the look you want to achieve.

Favorite Pillow Covers

Throws / Blankets

If you know me you know I love blankets and own at least 20. Trust me I sleep with 3 completely different blankets each night. I just love the coziness they add not only to a space but they are also functional! Here are a few of my favorite blankets and a few ways to style them in your home!

Favorite Throws / Blankets

Small Decor / Accent Pieces

Placing small decor around your space does not have to add clutter to you or your eyes. Decor placed correctly can help to emphasize a fireplace mantel or fill in a bookcase, for example. Stacking a few of your favorite books in a tray on your coffee table with a little plant or candle creates the space of home without taking over the entire table leaving it functional and pretty.

Favorite Small Decor / Accent Pieces


Adding art adds dimension to your space. Do not be afraid to mix it up with varying frames (which you can get from local thrift stores and yard sales) to add even more texture and coziness to your walls. Pro Tip: You do not have to fill every wall with art, open, negative space is okay too. Having some blanks walls allows your space to breath a little and not overwhelm your room.

Favorite Artwork

Curtains and Rugs

Curtains and rugs are one of the easiest ways to transform a space without spending a lot of money. Curtains help to soften your windows while also allowing light to be diffused through them even when closed. Yet, rugs help to define a space and create that soft feeling on your feet as well.

Favorite Curtain and Rugs

Updating your home into the "pinterest-worthy" cozy home feeling you want does not have to break the budget! I hope some of my favorite pieces inspire you to tackle this project. - Aly


Looking for more of my favorites? Check out my page and follow along!

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