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Turning Digital Prints into Expensive-Looking Wall Art For Your Home!

I have a thing for old artwork and usually that means a high price tag which is not in my budget. One thing I find a lot of when thrift shopping is old frames, usually with weird, crazy pictures but they are large high quality wood frames for less than $5.

But how do I create the look I want of expensive-looking art without breaking the bank?! The Answer: Digital Prints! I find 99% of the digital prints I love right off of Etsy so not only am I finding exactly what I want but I am supporting a small business as well. Win. Win. There are so many to choose from at any price range, from abstract, to landscape, to everything in between.

Where do I print them? Most often I get my prints printed at my local Walgreens because they are done within the same day and always have a sale going on.

Where can I find frames if I do not want to go thrift shopping? Another place I love is Michaels for frames and even Target is adding some that I love at a good price as well!

Here are some of my favorite digital prints right now...

I would highly recommend looking on Etsy and search different things like: vintage digital prints, architecture prints, landscape prints, abstract art prints, etc... You never know what unique piece you will find for your home!


All pictures are affiliate links, this help to keep my blog running! Thank you! - Aly

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