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Decorating Our Baby's Nursery

The time is already here! Our baby will be here in 100 days or less and it is time to get the nursery all ready for his arrival!


We are doing a very neutral , subtle, woodland theme and are so excited to see it all come together! In each part of his room we will have little areas: crib, glider, day bed, changing station and a little reading nook. We have also been so thankful for the hand-me-downs we have received making this much easier and more cost effective.

Now for the inspiration and a current progress picture of his room (which still needs more work to be finished before decor)

I have had my eyes on a few different items since finding out the gender, a lot of these items are from Etsy makers which I love supporting small businesses and cannot wait to display these items in his room. I also have picked up a few other decor pieces and will link those as well!

Items I have already bought:

Now for what you have been waiting for.... the current look of his room. If you have been following along a while we bought a house and are renovating it top to bottom and yes, that includes his room. No it is not done yet but we are so close and I cannot wait to start personalizing it for him!

Current State of His Room, don't worry it will be finished before he arrives!

See it will all be fine and be done...right...?!


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