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Things To Do During This Crazy Quarantine Time (For Kids + Adults)

Whether you are Team Introvert or All Extrovert we are all stuck inside for the most part and social distancing. I wanted to create a blog post dedicated to some new things and free activities you can do throughout this unknown time.


Staying inside all day can make you go stir crazy. Here is a few new and old things you can do!

1. Have a Netflix / Hulu binge day(s):

My Top Favorite Shows (Right Now):

  1. Virgin River (Netflix)

  2. The Masked Singer (Hulu)

  3. The Good Place (Hulu/Netflix)

  4. Last Man Standing (Hulu)

  5. The Good Omens (Amazon Prime)

  6. American Idol (Hulu)

  7. The Voice (Hulu)

  8. This Is Us (Hulu)

  9. Million Little Things (Hulu)

  10. Kids Try (Hulu)

  11. The Ranch (Netflix)

  12. Schitt's Creek (Netflix)

  13. Locke & Key (Netflix)

  14. 100 Humans (Netflix)

  15. Superstore (Hulu)

  16. The Office (Netflix)

  17. Fuller House (Netflix)

  18. New Girl (Netflix)

  19. Parks + Recreation (Netflix)

  20. Black-ish (Hulu)

PSA: Frozen 2 is available to watch and you can rent it for three days for just $6! (on Disney+)

2. Read that book you have been dying to finish

3. Workout from home: example yoga, or meditation

4. Pin away on Pinterest, create that dream house or room!

5. Build a fort!

6. Try a new recipe!

7. Pamper yourself... HELLO at-home spa day!

8. Start a New Hobby (calligraphy, photography, cooking, sewing...)

9 . Get a head start on Spring Cleaning

10. Declutter your entire house


Get Outside

Even in quarantine it is still necessary to get outside even if it only to go get the mail. Enjoy mother nature and all it has to offer, pick a flower or two.

1. Go for a walk

2. Go for a hike at your local park

3. Visit a museum or zoo (virtually)

4. Go star-gazing! Grab a blanket, some snacks and a friend or two and watch the stars and look for some constellations.

5. Go fishing or bug hunting

6. Take some cool pictures of nature

7. Go for a drive and see what cool and new places you find along the way.


Get Creative

This is such an unexpected and unsure time so let's get creative. (literally). Hopefully some of this is fun for you and stress relieving.

1. DIY Projects (paint that chair, build that shelf, create that new wall art)

2. Start a blog + write your heart out

3. Color - print off a few coloring pages and color the stress away.

4. Try a science experiment (check out pinterest for fun ideas)

5. Practice your photography skills

6. Learn a new skill online through Youtube etc.


Through all of the unknown what is for sure no matter what this can be a time to just slow down, catch up and soak in all that life has to offer. The days are so short and go by so fast.

You got this and I am here cheering you on! Don't forget to support your local businesses, they need you too!

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