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Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Well with this quarantine I have pretty much reorganized a lot of the house and still have much to go. Since, the house we rent is an older home that means smaller closets and less places for junk. So I have created some tips and tricks for storage ideas in small spaces.


So as I said before with living in a smaller home, there are not any walk in closets, hall closets or many places to hid all my lovely collected items. Our master bedroom has the largest closet which my husband so graciously gave to me to store all my clothes and shoes in. He took the slightly smaller closet in the guest bedroom / office / workout room / all the things area including his space to get ready in the mornings. Our second bedroom is more of a half bedroom that can fit a twin bed and thats about it... So how do we make it work?


In the two bedrooms I have utilized lots of totes. This helps to stay somewhat organizes and I can rotate my clothes with each season, use under the bed storage for extra blankets, and large totes on wheels for the heavier stuff kept in the basement for easy moving and protection from any dust, etc.

Another one of my favorite things is the expandable shoe rack I got from Walmart the linked one is from Target as works just a well. It is very small and compact and can stretch to any length you want to fit your shoe and closet needs.

To maximize this nook we have in the guest bedroom or as I call it the "Cloffice". (Closet/Office). we use an Ikea Dresser, I cannot find the exact one we have so I am showing a similar one. And

we also use a 4-Cube Shelf from Target. For my husband this helps him see the things he needs easier and it is organized by category: Gym Shorts, Sweatshirts, Pants, Long Sleeves, etc.

Another area of our house we needed some small storage ideas is our Kitchen. We do not truly have a dining room area, unless we wanted to block the fridge with a small table so instead we got a small island that has two stools for us to se for meals since it is mainly just the two of us.

My husband is also an amazing cook, for sure think he should write a cook book someday. But anyways we have probably 10 or so pots and pans which isn't a lot but still in an older house they so not have very deep drawers that can hold all these.

To be clever and save on some space on the side of each of our island we added three hooks to hang the pots from to maximize our island and kitchen space. It truly has worked out so nice and now we do not have to search for pans for an extended period of time and get frustrated when the whole cabinet comes crashing onto the floor, not like that has every happened ;)

With limited cabinet space we got the best wedding gift from my husbands family, clear storage containers that self seal from Amazon of course!

This has really helped us to organize and get rid of bulky packaging while being able to see what is in the containers and how much we have left. I love adding cereal, flour, his protein powder, sugar, oats, and more into these. These items are things we use more than most and having them on the counter actually looks really good and is so much fun. I hope to eventually add labels on them but for now sticky notes will have to do.

I am not expert at organizing but hopefully these few tricks and insight into how I use them in my home will help you! Tell me in the comments some of your favorite small storage ideas.

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