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New Year + Starting Fresh: Kitchen

We have made it to 2021 + that alone deserves a celebration, so cheers to that. As 2020 was ending I had the urge to purge and declutter and bring in pieces that truly fit my style and added much needed function.


So every year I choose a word that I focus on for the year this year I chose minimalistic. If there is anything last year talk me it was that family and experiences with them mean much more than all the stuff cluttering our home.

We just bought a house in December which lined up perfectly to start going through all the boxes in the basement, sell the furniture we do not need anymore and donate clothing to our local City Mission. It truly has been so freeing to know what I have, have everything labeled, and be ready to start fresh while creating a truly organized basement/home again.

In light of my word of the year and organizational train I am on, I am sharing my must haves to maximizing each space without breaking the bank.

Each week of January I will share a new space to organize.

Let's start in the heart of the home AKA the Kitchen. From our wedding 1.5 years ago I acquired a lot of fancy gadgets, Pyrex containers and pots and pans I have no idea how to store because they are either too big or don't stack well etc! I will continue to add to this as my research goes on and as I use the products so here we go:

Kitchen Organization Inspiration

Now I already know what you are thinking... how do I get my house to look like that? My house will never look that good... and on and on and on. I get it and even as an interior designer it still takes lots of research, trial and error to get your space right by the way you use it daily. If you have not figured out what you need do not be afraid to try different things / layouts. It will take time and will not just magically appear without a little effort. Now for the fun part... shopping!!

I am linking here things I personally like or items my clients swear by!

(just click on the item(s) you like or want to know more about and it will take your straight to the site.

There are so many products out there and if you have watched any of Marie Kondo or The Home Edit it can become overwhelming and that is why I am taking it space by space. For me if I can't see it, it is like it does not exist so clear storage is a must especially in my kitchen. If everything has its place it also makes sure I use what I have and don't own an unnecessary amount of spatulas.

I truly hope this helps even a little to just start by emptying one cabinet or organizing one drawer and take it little by little. You got this!

Next week we are tackling the living and dining room.


Coming Up:

January 10th: Living Room / Dining Room

January 17th: Bedrooms + Closets

January 24th: Bathrooms

January 31st: Garage / Other

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