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New Year + Starting Fresh: Bedrooms + Closets

We have made it to 2021 + that alone deserves a celebration, so cheers to that. As 2020 was ending I had the urge to purge and declutter and bring in pieces that truly fit my style and added much needed function.


So every year I choose a word that I focus on for the year this year I chose minimalistic. If there is anything last year talk me it was that family and experiences with them mean much more than all the stuff cluttering our home.

We just bought a house in December which lined up perfectly to start going through all the boxes in the basement, sell the furniture we do not need anymore and donate clothing to our local City Mission. It truly has been so freeing to know what I have, have everything labeled, and be ready to start fresh while creating a truly organized basement/home again.

In light of my word of the year and organizational train I am on, I am sharing my must haves to maximizing each space without breaking the bank.

Each week of January I will share a new space to organize.

This week I will be focusing on bedrooms and closet. For me it is one of the hardest places to organize but I am getting creative on a budget!

I want our bedroom to be an oasis with most of the clutter out of sight. So I am looking to organize my nightstand, add some sort of bench to the end of the bed with storage and make my closet easy to store things and easy to keep it that way. Let me show you some of my inspiration and things I found!

From my quick search these images caught my eye and gave me a good starting point to transform our bedroom and closets!

To be budget-friendly we already both have a closet rod to hang clothes. To maximize the space I plan to add a wire shelf above the rod as well as a smaller one below so we have some space to hang longer items. I am adding the shelf above so I can add baskets if I want to store items or have a place to have extra jackets, and hoodies stacked.

I absolutely love these baskets because they not only add more storage but they add some warmth to the space and are just so pretty!

Now that I got the closet pretty well organized and the space is maximized, I do need a little bit more clothing storage for my seasonal items!

I am thinking to add under the bed storage. 1. Because this space is usually wasted and collects dust and 2. It is must easier to access quickly than going into our basement and find them in a tote.

Here are a few more inspo images!

There are a lot of option that will fit anyones budget + style... here are a few linked for you:

Now that I have that area covered I will maximize that area under my bed but now I need to tackle the dreaded catch all space AKA the nightstand!

On top of my nightstand I will have a lamp, a picture frame of my husband and I and always a water bottle of some sort. I am wanting to add a little dish for my phone and any jewelry I forget to take off so I do not lose it.

Inside of the nightstand I have two drawers and want to add some organizational trays inside to have space for the TV remotes, a notepad, pens, the essential nighttime snacks and whatever else may appear in these drawers. I do not plan to spend much on these so here is a few different style I found!

We are moving right along with these simple organizational items for all across the room. I have one more spot I want to add something pretty yet functional, the end of the bed. At the end of the bed I want to have a place to put on my socks and shoes as well as for it to have hidden storage because if you know me I need all the storage I can get!

These are a few I like, I will not pick a favorite yet until we have out bedroom complete!

and that is a wrap for our master bedroom.. but wait! Do not worry I did not forget about the guest bedroom we have as well. Now this space will for the most part be a multi-functional space including extra storage for us as well as a workout place for me. When needed it will easily be a guest space without having to change much around at least that is the goal! I have to maximize space and make everything have more than one function.

So here are some of the items (or close to what we have) in our guest bedroom!

1.A Daybed: perfect for lounging as well as sleeping area piled with lots of pillows. 2. A dresser for guest storage as well as storage for our extra blankets and linens. 3. A mirror to add to above the dresser and make the space feel bigger. 4. A nightstand with a lamp. 5. A Large rug to add depth and warmth to the space. 6. A taller dresser for some of my husbands extra items. 7. Wall art to personalize the space and spruce up the walls.

It is a simple space but I want to leave the center of the room open for my workout space by placing all the items along the wall but making it look intentional as well. Attaching some of my inspiration for the room below!

I truly hope this helps even a little to just start with organizing your closet(s) and bedroom(s). Take it step by step. Do not forget to shop your house, find items in other areas that may help to re-organize your bedroom and/or closet. Design does not always mean something new. Please let me know what helped you the most in the comments!

Next week we are talking all about bathroom organization!


Coming Up:

January 24th: Bathrooms

January 31st: Garage / Other

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