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New Year + Starting Fresh: Bathrooms

We have made it to 2021 + that alone deserves a celebration, so cheers to that. As 2020 was ending I had the urge to purge and declutter and bring in pieces that truly fit my style and added much needed function.


So every year I choose a word that I focus on for the year this year I chose minimalistic. If there is anything last year talk me it was that family and experiences with them mean much more than all the stuff cluttering our home.

We just bought a house in December which lined up perfectly to start going through all the boxes in the basement, sell the furniture we do not need anymore and donate clothing to our local City Mission. It truly has been so freeing to know what I have, have everything labeled, and be ready to start fresh while creating a truly organized basement/home again.

In light of my word of the year and organizational train I am on, I am sharing my must haves to maximizing each space without breaking the bank.

Each week of January I will share a new space to organize.

This week I will be focusing on the bathroom, sharing simple ways to maximize a space that may not be so large.

Bathroom Inspo

In my bathroom currently I am utilizing glass jars and have filled them with cotton balls and q-tips! I love how I can see how much I have left as well as find them easily without having to be in the standard packaging.

For under the sink storage I want to add a few baskets to keep things in one place that I can pull out and place on the counter while returning it back without having items all over the place.

I am all about maximizing the space I have in the bathroom and a lot of people do not utilize above the toilet. I have a basket on the back full of toilet paper just in case you need some. I also have a picture and a small shelf above the toilet to decorate the space and have added a candle and faux plant.

If you have a linen closet I love the picture above with the wire and woven baskets to fill with cleaning products, toilet paper, extra sheets and towels with room to spare!

Your bathroom does not have to be unorganized and filled to the brim. You can easily take it step by step to maximize your bathroom and keep it clean!

Take it step by step. Do not forget to shop your house, find items in other areas that may help to re-organize your bathroom. Design does not always mean something new. Please let me know what helped you the most in the comments!

Next week we are talking all about garage + basement organization!


Coming Up:

January 31st: Garage / Basement / Other

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